An analysis of quarterly average AUM of 41 fund houses shows that HDFC MF, ICICI Prudential MF and SBI MF are the top three fund houses in terms of equity AAUM.

While HDFC MF boasts a market share of 16% with equity AAUM of Rs.1.67 lakh crore, ICICI Prudential MF has 14% share with equity AAUM of Rs.1.53 lakh crore and SBI MF has 9% share with equity AAUM of Rs. 95,903 crore in the quarter ended June.

Equity AAUM includes equity funds, ELSS and balanced funds.

A quarter ago, SBI MF was the fourth largest fund house. In April-June 2019, it has replaced Reliance MF for the third spot. SBI MF’s equity AAUM rose by Rs.5,635 crore last quarter while Reliance MF’s equity AAUM went up by Rs.1,998 crore last quarter.

There were a few other notable changes as well. Kotak MF became the sixth largest player in terms of equity AAUM by replacing Franklin Templeton MF, which slipped to the seventh spot.

Kotak MF’s equity AAUM rose by Rs.4,222 crore last quarter to Rs.56,342 crore whereas Franklin Templeton MF registered a growth of Rs.2,002 crore in its AAUM.

Among other changes, DSP MF replaced L&T MF for the tenth spot. DSP MF’s equity AAUM rose by Rs. 6,739 crore or 19% last quarter to Rs.41,452 crore. Meanwhile, with an increase of Rs.1,676.33 crore, L&T MF’s equity AAUM for April-June stood at Rs.41,416 crore.

If we look further to the top 15 fund houses, Mirae Asset MF took a good leap. The fund house has moved from 15th largest fund houses to become the 12th largest fund house in terms of eqity AUM.  The fund house’s equity AAUM for April-June increased by Rs.4,497 crore to Rs.25,604 crore.

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