Sonal reached the dispensary in the morning. She was feeling rather unwell.

The receptionist informed her that the appointment was for the evening.

There had an argument and showdown over this and finally Sonal decided not only to return home but take self medication.

By next morning her condition had worsened and she had to be admitted to the hospital.

This is a story of scores of investors who knock the doors of the economy but do not participate just because they get into an argument with the gate keeper, Mr Market.

Mr Market is unpredictable and volatile in nature. He stands at the door of the economy and admits Investors into it.

But for many investors their impatience gets the better of them and instead of investing in the economy they begin arguing and quarrelling with Mr Market.

They return home and begin to self medicate. They do not consult anyone and invest their long term and short term money in Fixed Deposits.

Eventually their situation worsens and they suffer irreparable damage.

Always contact your Financial Advisor before getting into an argument with Mr Market.

Your Financial Advisor will educate you how to deal with Mr Market.

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