This Diwali you can gift happiness to the less fortunate by contributing to St Jude India Childcare Centre’s, with whom UTI MF has a tieup. St Jude India Childcare Centre look after children suffering from cancer.
‘UTI Canserve‘ facility is available under UTI Mastershares, UTI Balanced Fund & UTI Spread ( Arbitrage Fund) Fund and you can choose to contribute 50% or 100% of the dividend amount to this charity.
You may also like to start a SIP under this option… All contribution to St Jude India Childcare Centre’s will be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80 G of IT Act. UTI Mastershares has a unique track record of paying uninterrupted dividends since 1986 ie last 30 years.
Dividend payout in UTI Mastershares coincide with the auspicious festival of lights.. Diwali..
There are a lots of customers who are interested in contributing to such causes & bring a smile on the face of innocent children, but may not be aware that such a facility exists… You start one yourself to begin with… Let’s make this a Happy Diwali for the children looked after by St Jude’s India Childcare Centre…
Thank you for your generosity.?

ह्यासाठी नजीकच्या MF कार्यालयाशी संपर्क साधावा !!

अभिप्राय द्या!